Emily (吴也青) is, as of this year, thirteen years old. She is an eighth grader at Gale Ranch Middle School. Math has always been a favorite subject for her. As soon as the report cards would come in, there'd be an A (or 4, back in elementary school) written next to "Math." On top of that, many say that she is a good speaker, has excellent leadership abilities and has a lot of creativity. She likes contributing in her community, combined with her love of math, running for treasurer seemed like an obvious chance to take.
As a hopeful candidate, Emily hopes that you will vote for her. 加油! :-)

Emily(吴也青) 今年十三岁。她是GALE RANCH MIDDLE SCHOOL八年级的学生。 她好喜欢数学。收到成绩单的时候,老得到一个“A" (在小学时候,得到了一个”4“)。 而且,很多人说她的演讲也真棒,她的领导能力很强,创造力好极了。她喜欢帮助别人,又喜欢数学,所以很明显学生会的财务秘书是一个好适合她的职务。

Emily希望大家投她一票。加油! :-)