In light of COVID-19, we have moved our educational services online, with class taking place over email, Google Hangouts, Zoom Video Conference, and other similar virtual communication and tele-education platforms.
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act requires us to inform you of what personal information we may collect from your children, how we will interact with them online, and to obtain your permission for for this for children under the age of 13.  This permission is essential in order to teach your children online; otherwise we will be forced to deny your child access to our online learning environment.
In particular, we will:
. Collect email addresses and student's name, username though your enrollment steps, or we (school and teachers) will ask you to provide the infromation. 
. We use emails to these addresses with class challenges, contests, notes, tests, surveys, and the like.
. Expect your child to email in homework and in-class work from an email address they control.
. Direct your child, from time to time, to install software on their computers for the purpose of teaching them the course curricula.
. Require your child to broadcast their audio and video stream to the teacher, other students, and any parents or guests that join the classroom's video chat environment.  Please note that in certain circumstances class recordings, or screenshots from them, may also appear online.  
. Request and/or require your student to SMS or phone call us, or receive our SMS or phone call, with respect to class and class-related extracurricular activities.
. Request and/or require your student to participate in online virtual chat rooms with teachers and other students, even when class is not occuring.
. Ask your student to sign up on various educational websites, including but not limited to Khan Academy, Art of Problem Solving, etc.
. Students using our site maybhave the opportunity to post personal information about themselves ( for exapmple, on the blog, or in Google Class Room message board). Such information maybe publicly displayed on the website. 

At any time, a parent can review and remove student's personal information directly in our system, or ask us to delete by contacting us through email directly.