The whole reason for this Guide line is to ensure school safety, to improve the education quality. This Guide line is also directed by the facility utilization rules from the school district. Please make sure to go through it and let our students understand. Thanks for your cooperation.
为保证盛萌中文学校各项教学及学校活动的正常运行, 特制定学生与家长守则。 自觉地遵守各项规章,维护正常的教学秩序,保证学生的安全,保持租用教室的整洁,是每一位学生与家长应尽的义务。请您务必花几分钟阅读并讲给孩子们。谢谢您的合作。
This is the English verison Guideline:
SRVCS Guideline English Version
And this is the Chinese version:
SRVCS Guideline Chinese Version 
All those forms are in PDF file format. If you can not open the file, mostly you need to download the Adobe Reader from here