SRVCS: Registration Agreement


  •  Registration fee, if there is any, is not refundable.
  • Textbook costs are not included in tuition unless explicitly declaration is given. Students can purchase their test book by themselves, or buy from school. 
  •  Withdraw class: 100% tuition refund if withdraw within 2 weeks for Chinese class and  1 week for enrichment class(after deducting textbook/material fee), 50% refund within 4 weeks, and no refund after 4 weeks. The class credit can be transferred to other class of the same school year(no more carry over to next school year),  but restrictions will apply.
  • Tuition will be refunded if class is canceled by school. The amount of refund is decided based on the number of total lessons and the number of lessons given.
  • The class transfers can be made online within two weeks of school starts. After two weeks, transfer requests must be approved by school and a processing fee  $20 will be charged.
  • Each family is obligated to take 2 to 4 hours of school assigned duties per school year (classroom duty is not included). A $30 volunteer deposit is required at registration. It will be returned  to parents once the volunteer work has been performed.
Parents waiver: 
I, the undersigned, along with the above registered student(s) have :
. read and understood the published (including published online) By-Laws of 
SRV Chinese School
. accept and will abide by all rules and regulations stipulated in the school’s By-Laws, and
. under any circumstances, do not hold the SRV Chinese School, teachers, coaches, school staff and board members liable for any injury or damages arising from participation in any in-class or out of class activities organized by the school.