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Shengmeng Education Center
Adult Chinese Folk Dance (成人民族形体舞 )
Class Size: 16
Age Requirement: 18 - 60
Teacher: Guoying Li
Class Time: 11-11:50am
Class Room: 2181816021
Tuition Fee: 240.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

Chinese Folk Dance class is a combination of health and body shaping benefits while jogging with the fun of dancing.
The program has different kinds of folk dancing skills combined into it, though the program is also designed for non-dancers who will be able to keep up and enjoy the class.
Students will feel like they are dancing while exercising their bodies and strengthening their cardiovascular systems. This is a class that is fun and enjoyable for both men and women
The class is focused on learning basic techniques of Chinese folk and classical dance. The class mainly consists of two parts: 1) warm-up and basic positions/movements training, and 2) learning choreographed dances.
Instructor Ms. Li has extensive experience as a dance teacher; she specializes in Chinese folk dance and basic dance skills. She has good sense of quality music and ability to design innovative dance steps through it. She also has great teaching aptitude and problem solving attitude with immense focus towards student concerns.
Ms. Li has recently won the Gold Medal in Northern California Chinese Culture - Athletic Federation 2012 International Martial Arts and Dance Invitational

舞蹈老师李老师擅长秧歌类, 民间舞, 蒙古舞,藏舞等民族舞蹈及古典舞和现代形体舞. 集多年的舞蹈训练与舞台演出经验及教学经验, 摸索出一套因人施教的教学方法. 针对喜爱中国民族,民间舞蹈的学者所编排的溶入基本功训练的舞蹈, 更是深受学员们的喜爱.
李老师曾荣获北加州華人文化體育協會 2012年國際武術舞蹈邀請賽独舞成年组金牌。