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Shengmeng Education Center


SRVCS 学生会竞选说明

竞选申请表截至日期:    2010/10/31
选举大会日期    :      2010/11/06  11:00 -- 11:50 AM
选举大会地址    :      Room   E101 (学校Office)

各位候选人可以在2010/10/23 开始竞选宣传,可以张贴
海报,分发传单等… …


Please click here to download Election Application Form in MS Word Format.

               Student Council Election Event

Application submit deadline :    Oct. 31,   2010
Election Event  Date :       Nov.  6 ,  2010 ,   11:00 -- 11:50 AM
Election Event Venue :     School Office ,   Class Room E101

All candidate can start their election campaign from Sat. Oct, 23rd.
You can set your poster , distribute your flyer etc…

At the Election event, every candidate should give a speech to
all students who can vote.

Duties of Student Council Leaders
  • Represent the student body at school meetings.
  • Develop agenda for and preside at student council meetings.
  • Fulfill the student council goals/action plan as designated
  • Collect ideas and initiate projects for student council. 
Vice President
  • Represent the student body at school meetings (as requested by the president)
  • Assist president and serves in the absence of the president.
  • Coordinates the work of members 
  • Schedule student council meeting
  • Keeps accurate minutes of meetings.
  • Handles all council correspondence.
  • Type materials for student council officers and school advisory team.
  • Handles all funds.
  • Keeps accurate record on income and expenses.
  • Coordinates fundraising projects of the student council. 
Council members (elected from each class)
  • Attend student council meetings and report back to classrooms.
  • Meet with classmates to discuss ideas and concerns
  • Report class feedback to the council.
  • Work at special events 
School Advisor Team
  • Oversees student council meetings and activities.
  • Instructs students on holding elections and running for office.
  • Helps student council establish goals, plan a calendar, and form a budget.

SRVCS Student Council Policy
Mission:  Supervised by SRVCSBoard and School Advisor Team,  SRVCS Student Council
           will play leaderships in promoting SRVCS Chinese School programs, sharing
           students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers and school staff.  Also, it
           will lead the student volunteers in the involvement of all SRVCS organized community
          events and SRV Chinese School organized academic competitions and events.
Formation:  SRVCS Student Council will be formed by at least three student members through
          the annual election process. The individual job functions include President, Vice President,
         Secretary, Treasurer, and Council Members. 
Terms: The term of all student council members is one year, but can be renewed through the
           annual election process as far as his/her eligibility is retained for the next term. The time
           period of annual term is from  July 1st to June 30th.
Eligibility: All SRV Chinese School students, who are 10 years old by July 1st and up, or
         who are enrolled at Grade 5 Chinese Class and up,  are eligible to vote and be voted for
         the Student Council member.  SRVCS Board will examine and verify the eligibilities of
         each voters and elected members. If the eligibility can not be retained for  any reason(s),
         the elected member(s) will disqualify immediately.
Obligation: All elected Student Council members must perform his/her assigned job duties
        fully, and attend at least 2/3 of the meetings and SRVCS community/Chinese School
       organized events. Also, he/she has to behave  as role models in and out of the SRV
       Chinese School.
Election:  SRVCS Board and School Advisor Team will organize and supervise the annual
      election process.    Advanced notice will be e-mailed out to all SRVCS members, and
      each parent and teacher shall encourage their children and students to participate. Each
     candidate should send a personal statement to the organizer (SRVCS Board) and make
     himself or herself available for the election date. On the day of election, each candidate
     will give a brief speech to the audience.  SRVCS Board will make the final decision in
     case of ties or lack of participants.