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Shengmeng Education Center
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To write a blog is very easy. Here you will learn how to write, and how to include a picture into your blog.

You need to log into school web site first.

Part I: Write Blog ABC

1. Select "Write Article" from "MyTools"
2. Select "Add Blog"
3. Make sure to select the name of the Blog
    We have 3 Blog categories:
    - School Blog: Mainly by teachers and school admins
    - Parent Blog :
    - Student Blog : You will see some students post homework here.
4. Make sure to write a title
5. Write and Save


Part-II Advanced knowledge:

1. How to Post a Picture

   1.1 Find the "Insert Pitcure" Button from the toolbars

    1.2 Upload a picture, please notice you need to select "Upload" first, and then browse and select file, and "Send to Server"

   1.3 Simply click on "OK", you will see the pciture in your Blog.

2. How to move, adjust the size of picture:

    Select the picture in the edit window, and do whatever you used to do in Microsoft Wrod, resize it, or drag-and-drop the picture to a new position.

3. Move a blog from one category to another:

    First, please read the FAQ #1 below and understand the differnce between a blog and an article.
    Notice that youcan only move from one blog to another, you can not move the articles from one category to another.
    Go to "Article Mange" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be there. Click on the one you want to move and enter into edit mode. There you can change the category.

4. Modify my Blog

    Go to "Article Mange" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be there. Click on the one you want to edit.
    Make sure to save your blog or article before you leave.


1. What is the difference between "Write Blog" and "Write Article"?

    Blog once is saved, will be published online immediately so every visitors to school web site will see it.
    Article, will be reviewed by school first before publish.

2. Can not find my article

    PLease go to "Article Manage" under "MyTools". All files you wrote should be here, click on any of the article to edit them.