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SRVCS has 4 level Competitive Math Class,  they are
1. Math Olympiad Level 1  -- For Kids in Grade 4 to Grade 5
2. Math Olympiad Level 2  -- For Kids in Grade 5 to Grade 6
    Will form team to take Math Olympiad Elementary Contest
3. Math Olympiad Level 3  -- For Kids in Grade 6 to Grade 7
    Will form team to take Math Olympiad M Contest
4. Mathout   --- For Kids in Grade 8 
Mathcount class is NOT Open registration, we will send out e-mail to parents whose kids are eligible to register, majority of them are coming from current MathCount and Math Olympiad Level 3 students.
Math Olympiad Level 1 to Level 3 are open registration. But :
1. For current Math class students, please register to the class level which the Math teacher recommend.
2. Pre_test screening are required for those students who are not in our current Math class. After the test, school will inform the parents which level of Math class the kids can register.
School has the right to adjust or reject your registration if the student violate above rules.
Math pre_test will take 40 minutes.  It will be held at School Office 9 AM to 1PM,  April, 30th and May, 7th.  Please register online first: