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Shengmeng Education Center
Kindergarten Advanced 学前班快班
Class Size: 10
Age Requirement: 5 - 6
Teacher: Ying Ma
Class Time: 1:00-2:50pm
Class Room: 2181816009
Tuition Fee: 600.00
Textbook Fee: 50.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

教学目标 Goal

Mainly focus on the listening and speaking ability. Learn writing . Teach Chinese charanter directly without Pinyin.

适用学生年龄和中文程度要求 Age Requirement

5-6岁儿童  5-6 year old, Mandarin speaking families

使用教材 Textbook

Textbook compiled by school

基本达到的授课结果 Objectives

学会中文在一些日常生活中的运用.  Learning and use the living words
接触汉字的基本笔划和结构特点. Knowing the strokes and structure of Chinese character
三个小朋友最有兴趣的主题连续及有交叉地贯穿整个学年:  Anaimal, Seasons, Festivals and the life
1. 动物  2. 季节与节日   3. 我的生活 
除了每周一篇儿歌, 课堂内容还包括: 提示讲话(回答问题, 造句), 字词练习, 经典故事(成语故事, 伊索寓言, 儿童故事画书, 儿童科普画书, …), 手工(折纸, 剪贴…), 游戏, 美术, 猜谜语, 游历校园… 
Other content and materials in the classroom includes songs, games, drawing, puzzle, dancing and handcraft, stories...

文化内容 Culture

了解中国孩子玩什么: 风筝, 跳皮筋, 功夫…. What kids in China play: Kite, KongFu...
中国的节日, 属相  Chinese Festivals, Chinese Zodiac
中餐 Chinese Food
艺术: 国画, 剪纸 Chinese Art: Chinese Paint, Paper-cut

课时安排 Time Arrangement
2小时 (两节课, 每节课45分钟)
2 classes every week, 45 minutes each
Totally 30 weeks in a calendar year