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Shengmeng Education Center
Pathway to College - Timed Writing and Reading for Standardized Tests, Essays, and Applications (Grades 7-11)
Class Size: 25
Age Requirement: 13 - 16
Teacher: Michael Smith
Class Time: 12-12:50pm
Class Room: 2181816021
Tuition Fee: 750.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

Here is a class for students to learn practical lessons as well as life lessons while learning how to handle everything involved with eventually producing their college applications the same way that our tips and techniques helped a total of 21 students reach the Ivy League.
Students in this class from Grades 7-11 will either be returnees from any combination of last year’s Timed Writing class, Reading Across the Curriculum class, or Advanced Middle School Writing class, or newcomers to our program who are interested in learning all that it takes to succeed at the type of tests in which they need to excel in order to be admitted to the
colleges of their choices.

The emphasis here, as the title suggests, is a heavy concentration on teaching students all of our homemade tips and techniques for how to handle themselves in timed writing and reading situations when it comes to standardized tests that include: The SAT, the ACT, the PSAT, AP English Language and Literature, AP U.S., World, or European History, plus SAT II
English and History Subject tests.
This becomes especially important since of all the students nationwide who take the AP English Language and Literature exams, only 5 percent earn a 5, which is the highest possible score. And if students earn the highest possible scores on the SAT essay, they rank in the Top 2, 4, and 5 percent nationwide. By earning such scores, students can be placed higher in the
college admissions pool than their competitors who have higher classroom GPAs than they do. Our students who took the latest SAT earned scores of 1600, 1560, 1540, and 1520 – which are all in the 99 th percentile in the country.
All lessons will contain specific step by step proven methods for handling SAQs, LEQs, DBQs, Synthesis, plus Q1s, Q2s, and Q3s, as well as how to correctly answer AP and SAT Reading Comprehension questions without ever reading the passages.
Students will then be able to apply all of their skills to such exams while also learning valuable lessons that will help them with their English and History class essays throughout their high school years.
We will, in addition, offer our counseling to the students on such important subjects as: 1 - How to handle High school course selections and planning, 2- How to manage AP course strategies. How to exploit Activities and Service schedules, 3 - How to build Resumes, 4 - How to secure the best Recommendations, 5 - How to handle Admissions Interviews for admission
colleges, private high schools, and all types of summer enrichment programs.

We will be able to work with the students in all phases of our classwork while presenting to them a series of actual SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP exams – not practice tests, but actual exams themselves. The techniques the students will learn have a proven record of success with previous students who earned perfect SAT, ACT and AP scores that have helped many of them gain entrance to the most highly competitive colleges in the country.

About the teacher: Mr. Michael Smith, a former professional writer and broadcaster, is a Certified High School A.P. English and I.B. English teacher, who currently teaches English, coaches Speech and Debate, and acts as a department head at a local private school. His students compiled an 89 percent AP English pass rate compared to the 59 percent national average based on his lessons for close reading. He also has had students accepted to six Ivy League schools along with many more of the top colleges and universities in the country based on his experience as a private college preparatory tutor.