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Shengmeng Education Center
Level I Reading, Writing, and Speaking Class (Grades 4-7)
Class Size: 25
Age Requirement: 10 - 13
Teacher: Jim Hamra
Class Time: 9:00-9:50am
Class Room: 2181816017
Tuition Fee: 750.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

We offer here our all-purpose class for both newcomers and returnees to our progression of reading, writing, and speaking courses that students can take from grade school all the way through high school and even into college. In the short term, they will learn all kinds of tips and techniques that will put them way ahead of their peers in school.

Students in Grades 4-7 will have the opportunity to learn tips and techniques for how to read, write, and discuss literature at an advanced level based on our series of homemade structures and strategies that include showing them an easy-to-follow way to instantly figure out themes to any piece of literature.
A typical class will feature students being able to analyze any type of literature with our steps that will also help them find “brilliances” in their analysis, as well as compose high school level thesis statements, write complete short answer statements, handle quotation analysis, and construct full-length paragraphs.
All this is possible by following our sentence-by-sentence structures that include our CCCP, RAWS, CWC, 1234, WRFM, RAMP, and other methods – the same systems that the students can then use throughout high school and college. For example: while most readers believe that Harry Potter is all about the magic he performs as a wizard, our students will write about how Harry’s real magic is his loyalty and humility, and that the point of all the books is how Harry’s universal traits are ones that all readers can benefit from identifying and then using in their own lives. Plus, students will learn all of our professional tips on how to develop the very important skill of revising and editing their writing. So much of how
students are graded on their classroom essays depends on how they lose points for style and grammar errors. We can show students our comprehensive checklist of dozens and dozens of correctable errors that they can use whenever they proofread a rough draft into a final draft.

We will also work during the year on having the students develop their creative writing skills. This section of the course will include step by step instructions and directions for them to produce a short story that they will then enter in writing contests where several of our students have already earned awards. Once again, students will benefit from tips and techniques
based on our experience as a professional writer and published author.
Put it all together and you have a course in which younger students can learn everything they need to know in order to become better readers, thinkers, writers, speakers, and listeners – all while being challenged to be the best that they can be. They’ll read, they’ll write, they’ll discuss, and they’ll see not only how quickly the time flies in class, and how much fun they’ll have, but also how much they’ll learn.
About the teacher: Mr. Michael Smith, a former professional writer and broadcaster, is a Certified High School A.P. English and I.B. English teacher, who currently teaches English, coaches Speech and Debate, and acts as a department head at a local private school. His students compiled an 89 percent AP English pass rate compared to the 59 percent national average based on his lessons for close reading. He also has had students accepted to six Ivy League schools along with many more of the top colleges and universities in the country based on his experience as a private college preparatory tutor.