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Shengmeng Education Center
Kindergarten 学前预备班
Class Size: 20
Age Requirement: 4 - 6
Teacher: Nan Wang
Class Time: 11:10am-1pm
Class Room: 2181816003
Tuition Fee: 600.00
Textbook Fee: 50.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

This class is suitable for the kids of ages four to six from cantonese speaking/non-Chinese background families. It will be focused on training basic communication skills that can be used in their daily life.

教学目标 Goal
Our goal is to enhance the kid's speaking and listening skills by using visual learning.
适用学生年龄和中文程度要求 Age Requirement
4-6岁儿童  4-6 years old
使用教材和教学手段 Textbook and teaching method
The supplies will come with the textbooks. Multi media material with songs, games, drawing, puzzle, dancing and handcraft, will be provided.
基本达到的授课结果  Basic teaching objectives
  • 常见的家庭生活和礼貌用语。Statements that are commonly used at home and civilized statements.
  • 简单的衣食住行,天气描述,Simple words about the basic life necessities, and weather words.
  • 一到十的数字,简单的量词。Numbers from one to ten, and simple words for measuring.
  • 认识动物, 食物, 人的身体部位和基本动作 Animal, food, human body, and basic actions
文化内容 Culture
中国传统的礼仪, 个人礼貌用语;Traditional Chinese culture
了解中国的主要节日----春节,中秋; 节日的特别之处(衣,食,活动): Festivals: Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn,
民间工艺: 剪纸,民乐 : Traditional craftwork, paper-cut, and traditional instruments
课时安排 Class Arrangement
每 周2小时  (第一节课50分钟,10分钟课间休息,第二节课50分钟)  There will be two class sections each week, every class section fifty minutes long and the break inbetween ten minutes long.
学年30周授课  Totally 30 weeks