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Manga (Comics) Drawing Beginner/Intermediate
Class Size: 20
Age Requirement: 7 - 12
Teacher: Perry Cheng
Class Time: 11:10-12pm
Class Room: C206
Tuition Fee: 420.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 50.00

Class Description

Duration: 30 weeks
Age group: for ages 7 or up
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of drawing
Description  of beginner Level:
We will learn the basic techniques of manga drawing.  We will do some minimal sketching also as a technique of manga.  We will learn to master each tool, draw basic elements such as hands and body.  At the end of the course, you can show people your work - sketching and finished inked drawings, and also be able to draw a 4-frame comic strip.
Introduction to Manga, manga tools
Anatomy of face, body.  Differences between adult/children, exercises
Anatomy of hands, fingers.  Hand gestures.  Exercises
Put everything together: Action figure, exercises,
Different viewing angles, exercises
Sketching: drafting, firming, toning, exercises
Applying techniques, Drawing a masculine/superhero character
Techniques of drawing superhero
Showing Muscles, Exercise
Comics - Inking
How to Ink
Brush vs pen nib
Techniques of applying ink,
Exercise on lines
Exploring different inking tools
Shading techniques
Differences in shading between sketching and manga, Exercises
Sketching of a person, clothes, wrinkles, shades, exercises
Exercise on muscles
Drawing animals
4 panel comics: Story, framing, continuity, inking and finish

Description of intermediate Level:
Having learned the basic techniques of manga drawing, we have to move on to the next level.  We now are ready to dig deeper to advanced techniques the professions apply in their books.  We will learn how to apply a large variety of special effects, how to finish off the backgrounds, and how to snapshot.   At the end of the course, you can show people your work- a two pages comics.

General effects :Hatching, cross hatching,
Different applications of hatching, Exercise
How to apply screentones, Exercise
Speed lines, zoom lines
Different effects of speedlines, Exercise
Using French curves, flexible curve, Exercise
Drawing with Dots,
Other effects/patterns
Special Effects: sketching, high contrasts, Chinese inking effect, reverse
Drawing the surroundings : Drawing houses, trees, interior and exterior
Exercise on buildings, interior and exterior
Drawing buildings, what is perspective, graphics design
One, Two, three point perspective, Exercises
Putting everything together (1)
Outline a short story, framing, drafting, inking, hair, clothes, muscles,
Background, special effects, and finishing, Exercises
one panel manga, draft and inking,  post-processing
How to depict continuous motion
How to take snapshots of motion
Cover pages and Poster inserts
Q & A