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Grammar Writing and Literature Grades 6-8
Class Size: 20
Age Requirement: 11 - 13
Teacher: Jim Hamra
Class Time: 03:30pm-05:20pm
Class Room: 6691 Owens Dr, Pleasanton, CA
Tuition Fee: 750.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

Class starts on January 13,2017  total 15 weeks

This course will help students begin to master the fundamentals of grammar. Good grammar is the foundation of all academic writing, and this class will teach our students how to use proper grammar in their writing projects. There is no prerequisite: we will asses the students reading and writing skills during our first class, and will then make recommendations regarding which grade level will best serve each student. This fifteen week class will always begin with a quick cursive writing session. This will provide a solid foundation for any blue book exams our students may encounter in high school or college. We will then transition into grammar fundamentals. The areas we will cover will include, but not be limited to: The Parts of a Sentence, Parts of Speech Overview, Phrases and Complements, Clauses, Verbs and pronouns, Modifiers, Capitalization and Punctuation. We will conclude each session with a weekly reading and writing assignment that will focus on the fundamentals of how to read an academic text and to then write specifically for that text. Academic writing, we believe, has three distinct styles: writing for an english professor, writing for STEM classes, and finally any and all Liberal Arts writing. Out ultimate goal is for our students to be able to understand and implement proper grammar in all of their academic writing. We will introduce the students to writing templates that will help to simplify daunting tasks such as essay’s, term papers, and all types of thesis oriented writing. This exercise will stress using proper grammar, idioms, analogies, similes, and metaphors to make a good paper even better. All in-class writing will be edited and returned with comments and corrections.

For 4-6 Grade
Holt Literature and Language Arts, Student Edition, 
First Course  ISBN:  0030652812      

For 6-8 Grade
Holt Literature and Language Arts, Student Edition,
Second Course  ISBN:  0030652820 

Please provide your own composition notebook.    

About Instructor Jim Hamra
After a successful career in construction and real estate, Mr. Hamra retired for 10 years to climb mountains,  play golf, and coach his daughter’s volleyball team. He then started teaching English at Asia Pacific International University in Mauk Lek, Thailand for three years, after that he spent one year teaching in Oakland for the Charter School. Now he teaches Grammar and Writing at The Dorris-Eaton School in San Ramon. He will bring a rigorous and systemical English program to our school.