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Reading Across the Curriculum (Grades 7-10)
Class Size: 32
Age Requirement: 12 - 16
Teacher: Michael Smith
Class Time: 10-10:50am
Class Room: C205
Tuition Fee: 750.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

Returning Students Eligible

New Students Welcome

This new class will live up to its name by providing students the opportunity to develop their reading and analysis skills to go along with their writing and speaking skills through their experience reading, analyzing, evaluating, and discussion literature of various types that they will eventually be reading in their high school English classes. In addition, students will read “close reading” tips and techniques that will improve their skills when dealing with the reading comprehension sections of all standardized tests, including passages on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT, plus AP English Language and Literature and AP World, European and U.S. History.

Long term goal: To prepare students to be more effective readers and thinkers so that they can translate their ideas when they take part as a speaker and a writer in their classes throughout high school and college. The more effectively students can understand what they read, the more brilliant arguments that can then make in their writing and their speaking.

In this class, students will read, analyze and discuss literature from the following genres:

* Shakespeare

* American Fiction

* International Fiction

* Dramas

* Non-Fiction

* Short Stories

* Poetry

Students will be assigned one full-length book or play, or a series of short stories and poems, from the list of genres. They will have assigned reading from week to week, followed by discussions of key sections of their literature. Each particular type of book or drama will last several weeks before moving on to the next one. The selections for reading in each genre will come from a list of literature that is universally assigned at all local public and private high schools. Students therefore will have a head start on their high school reading. They will also learn tips and techniques designed to help them become better readers both in the classroom and when they take their series of required standardized tests for college.

Parent/Guardian Communication: Includes weekly updates on classroom lessons and weekly head's up on homework assignments. All students will be evaluated and graded on single assignments in the categories of Content, Analysis, Writing, Presentation, and Organization.

About the teacher: Mr. Michael Smith, a former professional writer and broadcaster, is a Certified High School A.P. English and I.B. English teacher, who currently teaches English, coaches Speech and Debate, and acts as a department head at a local private school. His students compiled an 89 percent AP English pass rate compared to the 59 percent national average based on his lessons for close reading. He also has had students accepted to six Ivy League schools along with many more of the top colleges and universities in the country based on his experience as a private college preparatory tutor.