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Robo Geek(Ages 9-14) B
Class Size: 10
Age Requirement: 9 - 14
Teacher: Wang Anqi
Class Time: 12:10-1pm
Class Room: P2
Tuition Fee: 750.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 100.00

Class Description

Class Length :   30 classes
Tuition :       $ 750   (  $25 x 30 )
Robot Kits Fee :   $100  
Max Student per class :  10

  • Good for age 9 – 14(grade 4 – 8).
  • Learn to build a robot, and use visual software to program to control robots.
  • Battle for fun and get the championship.
  • Make friends and be a team player.
  • Get ready for FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Competition.
  • Aspiring little engineers and computer scientists will start the exploration of their imagination! Math and science concepts that are learned at school will be practised right here.
  • They will learn creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and many more values which will benefit their whole life. Not only their minds will be conditioned , but also their personalities.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to build strong and stable structures, know the basics of robotic sub-systems, and build super COOL robots.
  • Hands-on experimental and exploratory study by using Lego Mindstorms EV3 components and/or other open source components.
  • The syllabus is divided into many specialized fields that cover the cyber-phyical interactive system, sub systems (including Power, Touch, Light, Color, Rotation and Ultrosonic Sensors).
  • Kids will control the robots  by using a basic micro-controller, and they’ll do application programming using kid-friendly LabView programming software. (They’ll be little programmers! Whee!)
  • Students will be assigned with projects according to their grade and skills.