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Badminton Advanced 羽毛球提高班
Class Size: 12
Age Requirement: 7 - 13
Teacher: Calvin Chen
Class Time: 11:10-12pm
Class Room: Gym
Tuition Fee: 240.00
Textbook Fee: 0.00
Material Fee: 0.00

Class Description

Estimate: 20 Lessons for whole school year (Gym is not available on Jan and Feb)

inton is a racquet sport played by two players (singles) or 4 players (doubles) in the 40 ft by 44 ft court. Players use the racquets to strike the shuttlecock (also called birdie) to pass the net to opponent’s court to win the point.

Badminton is very easy to learn and most kids and adults can start to play badminton without any training. So it’s a fun and family sport. However, badminton is also very challenging sport that needs agility, speed, power and accuracy. The world record of shuttlecock speed is 206 MPH which is even faster than tennis. Badminton is a Olympics game from 1992 with 5 gold medals to compete.

The badminton class is to teach the basic badminton skills for beginners. It will focus on two important skills. First is the shot skill like grip, clear, drop, drive and net shots. The second is the footwork, means how to move efficiently around the court. The basic game rules and strategies will also be taught.

To help students learn faster and better, there will be two subgroups in each class. There will be TWO coaches for the class, each teaches a group of 6 students. The students will get more and better personal training in the class. This is very important specially for young kids and beginners because they can get more attention, have fun and start loving badminton faster.

Come to play badminton and let the birdie fly!


About the head coach Frank Wu

Frank started playing badminton from college and has played for about 15 years. He really loves badminton because the fun, skills, exercises and strategies while playing badminton. Also, he makes a lot of friends while playing and competing. Although he is over 40’s, Frank still plays some local badminton tournaments in the bay area, sometimes competes with teenage players.

Frank is willing to pass his enthusiasm, skills and sportsmanship of badminton to more people, especially to young generation. Not only just teach what he has learned, Frank is growing the coaching skills by search internet, watch coaching video and learning from professional coaches in bay area.

In the weekdays, Frank is a software engineer in silicon valley, working on computer graphics and medical device . He and his wife now live in Pleasanton, CA. He has a son now in college.