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Shengmeng Education Center

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Class Room
School time
 1 少儿中文 Chinese Classes
Kindergarten Advanced 学前班快班5- 6 Not Assigned  1:00-2:50pm
Kindergarten 学前预备班4- 6 Not Assigned  1:00-2:50pm
Grade 1 Advanced 一年级快班6- 7 Not Assigned  11-12:50pm
Grade 1 一年级6- 7 Not Assigned  1:00-2:50pm
Grade 2 Advanced 二年级快班7- 8 Not Assigned  11-12:50pm
Grade 2 二年级7- 10 Not Assigned  1:00-2:50pm
Grade 3 Advanced 三年级快班8- 9 Not Assigned  11-12:50pm
Grade 3 三年级8- 9 Not Assigned  1:00-2:50pm
Grade 4 Advanced 四年级快班9- 11 Not Assigned  11-12:50pm
Grade 4 四年级9- 11 Not Assigned  3:00-4:50pm
Grade 5 Advanced 五年级快班11- 14 Not Assigned  9-10:50am
Grade 5 五年级11- 14 Not Assigned  3:00-4:50pm
Grade 6 Advanced 六年级快班12- 15 Not Assigned  9-10:50am
Grade 6 六年级11- 14 Not Assigned  3:00-4:50pm
Grade 7 Advanced A 七年级快班12- 16 Not Assigned  9-10:50am
Grade 7 七年级12- 14 Not Assigned  3:00-4:50pm
Grade 8 Advanced 八年级快班13- 16 Not Assigned  9-10:50am
Grade 8 八年级13- 16 Not Assigned  3:00-4:50pm
PreAP Chinese AP中文预备班13- 16 Not Assigned  11-12:50pm
AP 中文考试冲刺班14- 16 Not Assigned  9-10:50am
 2 少儿才艺 Enrichment Classes
Art 1A5- 8 Wendy He  10-10:50am
Art 2A7- 12 Wendy He  11-11:50am
Art 1B5- 8 Cheryl Lieu  3:00-3:50pm
Art 2B7- 12 Cheryl Lieu  2:00-2:50pm
Math Olympiads Level 19- 10 Qiping Guo  10-10:50am
Math Olympiads Level 210- 11 Qiping Guo  9-9:50am
Math Olympiads Level 311- 14 Qiping Guo  11-11:50am
Math Level 4 (MATHCOUNTS)12- 14 Qiping Guo  12-12:50pm
Fundamentals of English Writing A (Grades 2-3)7- 8 HeadsUp Hacienda  10-10:50am
Fundamentals of English Writing B (Grades 2-3)7- 8 HeadsUp Hacienda  11-11:50am
Fundamentals of English Writing (Grades 4-5)9- 10 HeadsUp Hacienda  9:00-9:50am
Grammar Writing and Literature Grades 4-69- 11 Jim Hamra  11-11:50am
Grammar Writing and Literature Grades 6-811- 13 Jim Hamra  10-10:50am
Middle School to High School Level Reading, Writing and Speaking11- 14 Michael Smith  11-11:50am
Reading and Discussions Across the Middle School to High School Curriculum12- 15 Michael Smith  1:00-1:50pm
Pathway to College Through AP, SAT, and Application Essays13- 16 Michael Smith  12-12:50pm
 3 成人课程 Adults\' Program
Body Shaping Class 形体塑身梳理班18- 80 Guoying Li  3-3:50pm
Adult Chinese Folk Dance (成人民族形体舞 )18- 60 Guoying Li  4-4:50pm