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Shengmeng Education Center
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Q: I love the current teacher, will the teacher teach my kids in the next upper class?
We thank you for your trust. Meanwhile, please also trust that SRVCS's teacher's team, through the management, communication, training etc, is one of the most high quality teacher teams. In most of the case,you can trust that the teacher that we select is the best we can find in our community.
Meanwhile, you should understand that the teaching methodology, the personality of teacher varies so that a teacher who is good at lower grade teaching might not be suitable for higher grade teaching. SRVCS is clearly monitoring the teaching skill, teaching quality of each teachers and thus come up to the final decision  of which teacher carry what class.
The teacher assignment will be done later in June time frame. If you decide to wait, you are welcomed to do so. Otherwise, if you trust the school has the capable of assign teachers based on the comprehensive assessment of teachers, you are welcomed to enroll to secure your eat.

Q: What textbook will you use?
This kind of question are mainly came from parents of students in high grade (5+). If you have been with us for years, you probably knew that we started with the textbook of Ma Liping, and then we add textbook from JiNan university. We also have separate textbook for bilingual classes. SRVCS has never stop looking for good textbooks so that students can learn with more interesting staff. But just since our students in class varies a lot, we did finally came up to the conclusion that as long as the textbook is of fixed material, none of the textbook will meet our need for a "student centered" teaching methodology. This in turn push the school to consider to develop another textbook that is dynamic. It is dynamic since we want the textbook to be designed with redundancy so that teachers have flexibilities to choose the topic and content that MOST of the students in class are interested in. It will also leverage the power, flexibility, and timely update capability of internet. There is no such kind of textbook currently available. There is no school offering the huge effort as we do to keep on working on this goal. We are working hard on this right now. We mostly will start from lower Grade and higher Grade first since the issue with the textbook for these grades are more serious and also because we believe the Grade 1-4 textbook from MaliPing or JiNan university, are fairly well systematically compiled.
The new textbook, always has the "student centered" in mind. The diversity of students nbackground, levels, raises a huge challenge to us. But SRV has the promise to all of you and the students that we will keep on improveing, and never give up.

Q: WIll you keep a class that has no enough enrollment?

In 2009-10, SRVCS has 300+ students learning Chinese and totaly about 350 students including those who only enrolled in enrichment programs. The scale alrady secures the financial health of our school. As a community service provider, we will try our best to keep all classes in our list. However it might happen that we will contact individual familes and try to merge students into one class. This is to maintain the better financial status and also optimize the resource usage especially the teacher and the classroom. But in any situation, we will keep all the grades up to Grade 8. Next year, we will have class for AP test. This is all being planned and will be executed.

Q: The language skill of my kids is not good, will you accept him/her?

We never refect! We are more than happy to see the students to learn and surely will try our best to give students as much as possible. But before the kids is enrolled in, we will give an assessment and want to suggest the right class for the students.
To send kids to weekend school is a BIG investment for the family. The investment is far more than the couple of hundreds dollar per year. You should count in the many hours of time your kids and youself will spend  as well. The school is investing heavily for your best ROI (return on investment), so should you. Let's team up to help our kids together.