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I had a very interesting conversation with one of my coworker during the lunch and thought you might be interested in knowing about it.
As many families will travel over sea this summer, watch out the hidden credit card fee to your account.  So, be careful what kind of card you are using at other country.

List of Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees Sorted From Lowest to Highest

Today, most of these foreign transaction fees are laid out in more readable form on your monthly credit card statement. Sometimes they are denoted by a simple asterisk indicating the fee percentage that was levied, while some card issuers will list the actual dollar amount of the transaction fee portion. The transaction fees I’ve provided below include the total combined charges imposed by both the card issuer and the card payment network. Pay attention to some of the hidden special offers out there, especially the ones from more obscure credit unions and brokerage/banks.

   Credit Card Issurer/Offer                                  Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions
Credit Card Issuer/Offer
Fee For Foreign Currency Transactions
Capital One 0%
Schwab Bank 0% – Schwab Bank Invest First Visa
Stanford Federal Credit Union 0% – SFCU Visa Cards
Affinity Federal Credit Union 1%
NASA Federal Credit Union 1%
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1%
USAA (Military) 1%
American Express 2% – Not Generally Accepted Overseas
Discover Card 2% – Not Generally Accepted Overseas
Advanta 3%
Bank of America 3%
BB&T Bank 3%
Chase/Washington Mutual 3%
Citibank (Citi Card) 3%
PNC (National City) 3%
SunTrust Bank 3%
TD Bank 3%
U.S. Bank 3%
Wells Fargo 3%

Reminder Before Using Your Credit Card To Make Foreign Purchases

Modern credit card programs today implement sophisticated transaction software to detect fraudulent and unauthorized credit card activity. If your card has always been used in the New York tri-state region for example, but suddenly credit charges start streaming in from some place like Thailand or Indonesia, your card issuer may raise an eyebrow and start declining those international charges as part of their anti-fraud measures. A quick e-mail or phone call to your credit card company before you travel should prevent such an inconvenience from happening.